Pink Gum Loop, Anstey Hill Recreation Park

View towards North East Adelaide. Pink Gum Loop Anstey Hill

South Australia

June 2018

Distance 3.1km (1.9 miles)

Another mid-afternoon Saturday walk through Anstey Hill Recreation Park to do the Pink Gum Loop with hubby. Beautiful weather.

We started at Gate 4 and did the walk anti-clockwise.

The first 20 minutes was uphill and quite steep, walking on a wide, flat track. It was challenging and a bit slippery with all the loose, small rocks.

There are some mountain-bike trails off to the sides, and you aren’t allowed to walk on these paths. Some of the paths in the Park are shared use, but some are set aside just for walkers or just for mountain-bikers.

Trail Markers Pink Gum Loop Anstey Hill
Rocks on the track – to stop bike riders perhaps?

Halfway through the trail it levels out for a bit and then it’s downhill for about 15 minutes before levelling out again and you have great views over the North Eastern suburbs and all the way through to the city.

I have to admit I don’t enjoy the downhill section – it doesn’t feel great on the knees and there’s a bit of slipping and sliding (and I don’t have the patience to take it slowly). I also wear sneakers (runners), so the lack of tread isn’t doing me any favours.

This trail is well-signed. I was disappointed not to see much wildlife this time – it could be that this particular part of Anstey isn’t as frequented by the kangaroos and koalas, or maybe I was just having an off-day. It’s usually a given that you will see at least some kangaroos or a koala when you’re in the Park. We did see a raven up in some bare branches – which normally wouldn’t be so exciting, except for the fact that it looked great being back-lit by the sun. Did you know that we don’t actually have a lot of crows in Adelaide? Technically it’s ravens that we have. (That’s a bit of trivia there for anyone that follows Aussie Rules Football).

Along the way we passed another couple, 2 guys on bikes and a family with 2 young children. I love seeing families out on these trails.

There are lots of Grass Trees, which remind me of the Flinders Ranges. I don’t think it’s the season for the pink flowers to be out though (I’m assuming that’s what the trail is named after). You can find more photos on my post “Photos – Pink Gum Loop, Anstey Hill Recreation Park“.

Grass Trees Pink Gum Loop Anstey Hill
The grass trees always catch my attention

Overall thoughts:

This trail consists of mostly wide, flat gravel/dirt tracks. It’s well signed.
A great walk – good workout for glutes. Happy with the uphill sections but not the downhill (but I guess you can’t have the up without the downs).

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