About Me

Hi there.

Welcome to my personal experiment!

After years of complaining about winter every time it rolled around, I thought to myself “What if I find things to do during winter that actually make the most of the colder weather, instead of grumbling about how it’s too cold to do anything?”

The result was this blog. Ramblings and photos of my outdoors endeavours.

So who am I? I’m a middle-aged mum of 2 from Adelaide, South Australia. During the day I run a business from home. During the night you might find find me working, at the gym, or helping kids with homework. Or eating salted caramel dark chocolate with a glass of white wine in front of the TV.  When I’m not doing those things you’ll find me here blogging about hiking.

This is my second blog, having blogged about my business for 4 years here on WordPress also. Obviously one was not enough for me…

Please feel free to introduce yourself – I would love to hear from you and hope that you can get something out of my little corner of the Blogisphere.