Encounters of the furry kind

Straying from my usual type of blog entry, but I thought these were too lovely to not share.

I needed to de-stress after a busy day yesterday and had the option:  Gym? Or take my son’s camera to Anstey Hill Recreation Park and go for a wander around to find some photographic models of the furry kind?

I rarely go bushwalking these days just to wander and take photos, I’m usually following a map, looking out for trail markers or just pushing myself along the trail to get a good dose of exercise in.  Slowing down and looking for wildlife yesterday was just what I needed, and I was really happy with these 3 photos that came out of it.

Mum kangaroo Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Mother kangaroo watching me closely
Kangaroo Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Her young joey
Mum kangaroo and joey Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Mum and joey together

I saw a lot of kangaroos in the 30 minutes I was out there – mostly mums with their joeys. I did come across a big buck but as he was watching closely over one of the mums and her youngster, I backed off and let them all have a bit of space.

And all this costs nothing really – nature is all around us and free for us to enjoy.  Thank you to everyone who shares snippets of nature in their corner of the world – I hope you enjoy a bit of mine.


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