Ridgetop Walk, Anstey Hill Recreation Park


Ridgetop Walk Anstey Hill Recreation Park

South Australia
July 2018
Distance: Less than 5km

Decided to be creative with this walk and put together a couple of the well-known walks, joined halfway through by the “Torture Hill Track”.

We started at Gate 4 on Perseverance Road and headed South on the Boundary Track, which turns into the Water Gully Track. These tracks form part of the Yellowtail Loop. Being the middle of winter, the creek was flowing alongside us and the frogs were croaking.

Anstey Hill Recreation Park
One of the prettiest parts of the walk, heading up to the Newman’s Nursery Ruins.

A quarter of the way around we came to the icons of the Park, the Newman’s Nursery Ruins.  If you have children, the walk up to the ruins and back is a wonderful family walk, which we did many times with our boys when they were younger. Be warned that you may end up carrying them uphill the last part of the way though! You can see photos of the ruins in my post Favourite Photos – Anstey Hill Recreation Park.

Anstey Hill Recreation Park

We passed the ruins, staying on the Yellowtail Loop and taking Newman’s Track for a short while until we soon came across the aptly-named Torture Hill Track. After passing this track on several occasions on previous walks it was now time to try this baby out!

So we pushed on up Torture Hill Track – it’s steep but if you like a challenge and a bit of burn in the old glutes, give it a go! I’ll even go as far to say, if you haven’t walked Torture Hill Track have you really walked Anstey Hill? (I can say that now that I’ve done it myself…)

Once at the top we took the Ridgetop Track to our left, all the way back down to Gate 4 where we started. This was my least favourite part of the walk. It was quite steep and the track has a lot of loose gravel – we needed to take our time to avoid slipping. Maybe I just don’t have the patience to take things slow, but either way it seemed to go on forever. The great views of the city and water, however, did make it a bit more bearable.

Views over Adelaide, Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Views over Adelaide, coming down the Ridgetop Track

As far as wildlife goes, this was one of our best walks in the park to date. We saw 4 koalas and counted 7 kangaroos (3 of which were joeys). As well as the usual goats and sheep up on the side of the hill heading towards the ruins.

Sleeping koala Anstey Hill Recreation Park
I’m sure koalas have velcro on their backsides…they can balance on the tiniest of branches.

Essentially, this walk combines the Yellowtail Loop and the Pink Gum Loop.  Doing it anti-clockwise you start off slowly heading uphill, then do a quick uphill jaunt on the Torture Hill Track, then it’s mostly downhill quite steeply back to your starting point.

So if you’ve worked your way through the usual Anstey Hill walks, I say why not mix things up a bit and combine a few of them to keep things interesting?

If you’re looking for a longer combination of walks in the Park I’ve also combined the Silver Mine Loop with the Yellowtail Loop, which gave me about 10km of walking. It’s a top walk.











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