Favourite Photos – Anstey Hill Recreation Park

Anstey Hill Recreation Park is a favourite amongst walkers in the North-Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.Β  I’ve done 7 out of the 11 walks and love going up there to get away from it all, take photos and to challenge myself with the hills. There is plenty of wildlife and the scenery changes with the seasons. Here are a collection of some of my favourite photos.

Sunlight shining through the wattle Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Sunlight shining through the wattle
Fungus Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Plant Anstey Hill
It pays to stop and look down to the side of the trail – these guys are quite small but were beautiful with the water droplets on them
Anstey Hill trees
Looking up through the trees – blue skies
Grass Trees Pink Gum Loop Anstey Hill
Grass trees – feels like you are in the Flinders Ranges
Koala Anstey Hill
Can’t help but love these guys – koalas are common in the park
Horse Trough Anstey Hill
The old horse trough – part of the historic Newman’s Nursery ruins.
Newmans Nursery Ruins Anstey Hill
Established in 1854, the Newman’s Nursery was once the largest nursery in the Southern hemisphere
Anstey Hill lookout plaque
Commemorative plaque at the lookout
Anstey Hill
When you take a little detour up a side track & find a great view
Anstey Hill
Hubby – just beyond the nursery ruins
Anstey Hill trail
Just walking


You can find some of my walk write-ups here:





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