Bursaria Hike, Anstey Hill Recreation Park

Newmans Nursery Ruins, Anstey Hill Recreation Park

South Australia

June 2018

Distance 4 km (2.5 miles)

Hubby and I headed off just after lunch on a Saturday. We did the Bursaria Hike, Anstey Hill Recreation Park, clockwise and started from Gate 14 off Lower North East Road. There wasn’t much room to park off to the side of the road – only about 2 cars would fit safely.

As is typical with the Park, the trail consists of some wide flat tracks, a gravelly downhill section and small twisty tracks with larger rocks underfoot. I noticed more rocky outcrops than the other walks. We passed about 4 different lots of people on the trail, so you aren’t completely on your own here but it’s not as popular as some of the other trails that start from North East Road.

We were pleasantly surprised coming out of the first thick, scrubby part of the trail to see a large, open hill paddock with roos lazing around. We also saw the obligatory little koala asleep up high on a thin, swaying branch. There were beautiful little pink succulent plants low to the ground with water droplets glistening in the sun.

Small succulent plants Bursaria Loop Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Tiny pink plants on the ground

We passed what must be some of the luckiest home owners in the area – we were not expecting to see anyone living within the park. What a beautiful spot. We weren’t actually sure where to go from here, but headed down to the bottom gate instead of the gate on our right. And yep – we chose the right one.

Part of the way around we approached the Newman’s Nursery ruins from the back. For the first time we noticed the beautiful big, cliffs off to the side. The bright orange cactus-type spiky flowers up against the crumbling stone walls were striking (Cape Aloe I think they are). And then more roos up the hill to the side of the Ruins – they can almost always be seen up there.

Cape Aloe Anstey Hill Recreation Park
A splash of colour in the bush. Cape Aloe I think.

This is my favourite Anstey Hill walk so far – we loved it. There is a big climb at the end as you pass over the big water pipe and it’s more of a workout than some of the others. You have to watch where you step a bit more because of the larger rocks underfoot.
I think it would be okay for kids (even if it’s a bit longer and hard going). I wouldn’t recommend it if you have problems with your knees or aren’t sure-footed.

These walks are constantly surprising me – I feel like I’m constantly discovering our own little beautiful patch of Adelaide.

You can see more photos from the walk in my post “Photos – Bursaria Hike, Anstey Hill Recreation Park“.


Sarina x

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