5 of the Best Short Bushwalks in the North East of Adelaide

5 of the best short bushwalks in the north east of Adelaide

These are my favourite short bushwalks in the North-East of Adelaide. They’re all 5 km or less and easy to drive to. If you’re just starting your bushwalking journey then these are particularly ideal as you can start with the easier ones and progress up to the harder ones. They’re also ideal if you’re looking for a quick, easy escape into nature to lose yourself for a while.


1.  Newman’s Nursery Ruins Walk
Anstey Hill Recreation Park

3km – Out and Back
Difficulty:  Easy
Parking: Gate 6, Perseverance Road, Vista


A slightly uphill walk on a wide track to the intriguing Newman’s Nursery ruins at the end. Kids love climbing over them and they make for for great photos. Make your way back the same way.

Enjoy the sound of the running creek and the croaking of the frogs beside you as you walk. Keep your eye out for koala droppings on the ground – look up and you may see a koala.


2.  Lizard Rock Loop
Para Wirra Conservation Park

1.6km – Loop
Difficulty:  Easy

Parking: North Oval, inside the Park (vehicle entry fees to be paid online prior to entry). Humbug Scrub Road, Yattalunga

Lizard Rock Loop hike Para Wirra Conservation Park

Wind your way along the mostly flat, rocky, narrow trail whilst catching the occasional glimpse through the trees of what’s to come. Then take in the stunning views out across Wild Dog Creek valley (being careful to keep your distance from the steep drops below).  Admire the large, unusual and beautiful boulders before heading back through the bush to your start point. Look out for the pretty, small creek that runs down the side of the hill on your way back.

(We’ve also camped here, which is a great option for exploring the park)


3.  Bursaria Hike
Anstey Hill Recreation Park

4km – Loop
Difficulty:  Medium
Parking: Gate 14, Lower North East Road, Houghton

Bursaria Hike Anstey Hill Recreation Park

Explore the Eastern side of the popular Anstey Hill Recreation Park, away from the other walks. Enjoy a variety of narrow, rocky trails and wider fire-tracks. Tackle some undulating hills and enjoy views across open paddocks where you may see some grazing kangaroos.


4.   Hiker’s Hill
Morialta Conservation Park

5km – Loop
Difficulty:  Hard
Parking:  Montacute Road, Montacute

fox hill dam hiker's hillChallenge yourself with this wide, rocky uphill trail whilst you enjoy the great views back through to Adelaide.  Take a breather on the sandy Moore Track before winding your way back down past the Fox Hill dam.

Keep a look out of for Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos and listen out for the laughing kookaburras.


5.  Black Hill Summit Hike
Black Hill Conservation Park

4.2km – Loop
Difficulty:  Hard
Parking: Addison Road, Athelstone

Black Hill Summit Hike 3

Harness you inner mountain-goat and pick your way up the narrow, steep, rocky trail to the top of Black Hill. Catch your breath and enjoy the stunning views just before you reach the summit. Then wind your way back down on a pretty, easier trail.

How did these bush-walks get into my top 5?

There are plenty of other great hikes that are easily accessed from the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, however I chose these 5 because when I’ve walked them I’ve felt there was something unique about each one that set it apart from the others I’ve done in the area. They have a bit of a “wow” factor and enable you to escape for an hour or two in the beautiful hills and surrounds of Adelaide.

You can see my write-ups and more photos of the walks here:

I hope you get the opportunity to hit some or all of these beautiful trails in the North East of Adelaide soon.






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