Tasmania – A nature lover’s paradise

Huon River Tasmania

I’ve recently started following a blogger who hikes in Tasmania, and it reminded me how stunning and special this little part of Australia is.

Eggs & Bacon Bay Tasmania
Eggs & Bacon Bay (yes – that’s it’s actual name!)

If you love nature, then I dare you to visit Tasmania and not fall completely in love with the place. We went there for a second time a few months back and spent time south of Hobart in the Huon Valley.

We had this cove to ourselves…not another soul around

Approximately 1/5 of the island is a World Heritage listed area.

We kayaked, fished from the rocks and from a tinny, walked above the treetops and out over the Huon River and walked through bushland to discover our own little secret coves with no one else around.

Huon River Tasmania
Youngest son fishing in the Huon River
Mt Wellington Tasmania
The view from Mt Wellington, just outside of Hobart

Part of Tasmania’s magic is that there are little patches of paradise not far from the capital city and major towns where you will have the place completely to yourself. You’re surrounded by natural beauty everywhere.

Kayaking on the Huon River as the sun goes down
Kayaking on the Huon River as the sun goes down
Sunset Eggs & Bacon Bay Tasmania
Sun setting on the Huon River. Not sure I would ever tire of this view.

I can’t wait to return with my backpack and hiking boots next time, ready to hit the trails.

Tree Tasmania
Tree hugging in the Tahune Forest. Just because.


31 thoughts on “Tasmania – A nature lover’s paradise

    1. We went years ago on our honeymoon but I dont think I really appreciated how beautiful it was. This time felt a lot different & we had our kids with us. The Huon Valley is stunning if you get the chance…less than 2 hours out of Hobart. I hope you get there one day.


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