Mannum Falls Walk

Mannum Falls Walk

South Australia
January 2019
Distance: 1.5 km one way

My family and I camped overnight at Mannum (on the Murray River) and did this walk mid-morning. It was a scorcher of a day and as you can tell from my photos, the landscape was extremely dry with little water about.

I wasn’t expecting to see any water at all, however Reedy Creek did have some pools of water here and there.

Mannum Falls walk

Hubby dropped us off at the lower carpark off of Cascade Road – this is a dirt road. The boys and I did the walk up past the Falls and then finished at the Upper Carpark where hubby had parked. The trail is easy to follow until you get closer to the Falls. Once you reach the rocky sections closer to the Falls you have to pick your way around and over large rocks, where you may see signs of a trail of sorts here and there (mostly small bits of wood resembling a step). There are a couple of signs along the way as well.

Mannum Falls walk
Not far from the lower carpark

We really enjoyed this walk. It would be beautiful in the cooler months when the falls are flowing with water. We still managed to enjoy the beauty of the area, even with it being so dry.


Mannum Falls walk

I would highly recommend this walk if you have kids or teenagers. Just keep an eye on children once you get closer to the Falls as it can be tempting to climb on top of the large boulders or get close to the edges, which can be quite dangerous. You can do this walk out and back and at 3 km it would still be achievable with children. An added bonus is the toilets alongside the trail, not far from the lower carpark.

It might be difficult to do the walk starting from the upper carpark, as I feel the trail would be a little harder to follow. Also, part of the fun is following the trail until you start seeing the large rocks, pools of water and Falls at the upper end.

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  1. We just had a blizzard in the northeastern US. Snow totals werenโ€™t as bad as expected. We only got around 14-15 inches (37-38 cm?) of the stuff. They were predicting over 20 inches. But the temps were down around -23 Celsius. When you factored in the wind, it was -37.

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