Deep View Lookout to Moores Track, Morialta Conservation Park

Deep View Lookout to Moores Track, Morialta Conservation Park

South Australia
December 2018
Distance: < 8km return

My third walk on the Yurrebilla Trail.

I parked off to the side before reaching the main carpark again.

Fourth Creek Morialta Conservation Park
Fourth Creek – before you get to the main carpark

I took the bridge on my left, and headed up towards the Deep View Lookout. I took the longer track up to the Lookout instead of the short, steep track. Before I got to the Lookout I got the option to head either East or West on the Yurrebilla Trail. Last weekend I headed East, so this time I chose West.

Heading away from the waterfalls and main trails in the Park, I hardly saw a single person. The trail was all uphill, however not as steep as last weekend’s hike heading up towards the Falls. The weather was a bit kinder as well, being partly overcast and not quite as warm. The trail was narrow, high up and skirted around the edges of the hills, as is typical of the walks in Morialta.

Yurrebilla Trail Morialta Conservation Park

At a couple of the trail junctions there weren’t any trail markers telling me which way to go. I took the time to stop and take a mental picture of the options, noting anything that would remind me of which way I’d come. I didn’t want to rush and make mistakes as there wasn’t anyone around to help me out and I didn’t want to waste time.

Once on the Yurrebilla Trail (hooray!) I found 2 small detours off to the side of the trail. Both led to amazing lookout spots. Big views but equally big drops off to the side. I wasn’t going to tempt fate by posing for the perfect selfie – I took a quick snap, took the view in for a few minutes and got back on the trail.

Yurrebilla Trail Morialta Conservation Park
A small detour off to the side of the Yurrebilla Trail

Before any time at all I was on Moores Track. Such a relief – a wide, flat fire-track. Even soft underfoot in parts instead of rocky. Uphill in some parts but mostly flat terrain. I was feeling good at this stage and could have walked a lot further. Last weekend I wiped myself out though, so this weekend I wanted some fuel still left in my tank to enjoy the rest of the day. I needed to find a turn-around point that I would remember – so that when I approached the trail from the other side next time I knew where to stop. I found an interesting-looking tree and took a photo for reference.

Moores Track, Yurrebilla Trail
Moores Track. Trying to decide at what point I should turn around and head back.

Then I headed back the way I’d come – back to the car.

As for wildlife, I saw a caterpillar, lots of butterflies and dragonflies, a rabbit, small lizards and several different types of parrots. No koalas and no kangaroos.

Caterpillar Morialta Conservation Park

I only saw 1 person once I got onto the Yurrebilla Trail, even though it was a beautiful Saturday morning.

Even if you aren’t doing the YT, I’d recommend doing this hike just for the 2 little detours with the amazing views. You’ll probably have them all to yourself like I did. Tie it in with the popular Deep View Lookout and you’ve got yourself a great hike of less than 8km.

A big part of my walk was just getting to the start of the Yurrebilla Trail.Β  The fact that I’m doing this trail all by way of return hikes means I’ll be doing double the km! But I’ve come to accept that either I complete the trail this way or it won’t get done at all. Organising transport at each end or relying on someone else to complete all the sections with me is just too difficult and would result in it going on the backburner.

You can see my favourite photos from last weekend’s walk on the Yurrebilla Trail here, or read about my other 2 walks on the Trail here and here.









19 thoughts on “Deep View Lookout to Moores Track, Morialta Conservation Park

    1. Yeh Paul. It adds a lot of extra km & time but if the alternative is sitting at home reading about everyone else getting to experience these longer distance trails then I’d much rather just get out there & get on with it in my own way. It’s all walking at the end of the day. I’m happy to be out amongst it πŸ˜€.

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    1. I do end up on the wrong track at times but it just means I need to retrace my steps & find the right way. I have maps with me, make sure my phone is always charged & I tell my husband exactly what trail Im going to be on & when I should be home. Oh & always more water than I think I’l need. But I do love hiking solo in nature & the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

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