Mt Crawford Forest

Mt Crawford Forest

We had a big downpour of rain recently, so I knew I had to get out and enjoy some lush, green countryside before everything completely dried out.

Mt Crawford Forest
Happy to take a seat, provided by mother nature

I needed a new area to explore, having already exhausted my options with all my local trails. Mt Crawford is only 40 minutes’ drive from home, and I managed to convince hubby to drive me there this morning. The kids are old enough to look after themselves for a bit, so heading into the Adelaide Hills for a few hours on our own is now an option (hooray!).

Mt Crawford Forest
Wide fire-track – easy walking

Perfect walking weather – cloudy and cool. Water puddles on the ground. More rain was forecast but not until later in the afternoon.

There were plenty of pine trees all at various stages of growth. Also some beautiful native tree plantations.

Mt Crawford Forest
Loved the contrast of the pine trees & these native trees.

There are 3 loops within the Mt Crawford Forest that are on my To Do list, but as we’re quite new to venturing away from the kids I was pretty content with doing part of a loop just to have the opportunity to get out and explore the forest for the first time.

Heysen Trail marker, Mt Crawford Forest
Heysen Trail marker. The Heysen Trail is 1,200 km long and iconic, as far as long distance hiking goes in Australia.

We started off on the Heysen Trail Loop with the intention of turning around and back-tracking to cut the walk shorter.  Instead of re-tracing our steps back to the car though we ended doing a small loop and headed back along the road. This was a more direct route and gave us a chance to find some beautiful little bridges, boardwalks, a creek and big mob of kangaroos.

Mt Crawford Forest
Different scenery walking back parallel to Warren Road

Mt Crawford Forest

Boardwalk – we found a couple of these and it made the walk more interesting

We also came across the Chalks Campground – there were a few tents dotted around the place and we got to see how it was all set-out.

The 3 walks main walks in here are the Heysen Trail loop (13km), the Anderson Loop trail (8.4km) and the Mt Pleasant Summit Trail (11.5km).  There’s also a shorter Jenkins Scrub Nature Trail (1.5km).

Mt Crawford Forest
Glad to have a bit of cooler hiking weather.

It was good to get my bearings a little and I’m looking forward to coming back to complete one of the 3 hikes on my list.



11 thoughts on “Mt Crawford Forest

  1. LOVELY!!! I love a good boardwalk on a trail – they’re so fun to cross! I would absolutely love to go for a hike and see kangaroos, but all I ever see is squirrels and skunks here in Pennsylvania – ha! 🙂 Squirrels are ok…skunks not so much… 🙂

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    1. Thanks. I’m looking forward to getting back there for a decent walk before too long. We saw squirrels when we visited the US – we were beside ourselves with excitement. Must have looked pretty funny to the locals who no doubt see them nearly every day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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