Photos – Camping at Para Wirra Conservation Park

Sun setting Para Wirra Conservation Park
The sun setting

Para Wirra Conservation Park is 41km North of Adelaide, South Australia

The name Para Wirra comes from the language of the traditional owners of the land, the Kaurna people. Para (or Pari) means river, creek or gully and Wirra means forest.

We spent a night camping here last weekend – hubby, myself and our 2 teenage boys. The weather was kind to us and we had a lot of fun. There are 19 campsites and 6 of these are suitable for small camper vans & camper trailers. Only about a third of these sites were booked when we stayed, which was perfect. We booked our site online 2 days beforehand – no. 9 was described as “secluded”, so we knew that was the one for us!

There are toilet facilities, barbeques and a camp kitchen. There are also plenty of bush-walks throughout the park and a brilliant nature play area for the kids – these are driving distance from the camp area.

We had a friendly ring-tail possum hanging around in the tree next to our site once the sun went down, as well as a little native mouse-like critter running up for a closer look at us (we think it was a Yellow Foot Antechinus).

We’ll be coming here again – a great, no hassle escape for the weekend.

Lake at Para Wirra Conservation Park
Beautiful colours in the lake
Tents Para Wirra Conservation Park
Our 2 tents all set up & ready for the night
Toasted marshmellows Para Wirra Conservation Park
Do you think the marshmallow is toasted yet? Might do it a bit longer…
Morning view Para Wirra Conservation Park
Morning view from the tent. The fire pit was well used the night before.
Easy family walking trails Para Wirra Conservation Park
Easy family walking trails
Rocks Para Wirra Conservation Park
My eldest son. I loved these rock formations – unusual and beautiful.
Views Para Wirra Conservation Park
Some of the views if you were game to climb further out over the rocks on the Lizard Rock Loop
Creek Para Wirra Conservation Park
A small creek found along the Lizard Rock Loop

You can see more photos and details of our walk around the Lizard Rock Loop in my post Lizard Rock Loop, Para Wirra Conservation Park.


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