Lizard Rock Loop, Para Wirra Conservation Park

Lizard Rock Loop Para Wirra Conservation Park

September 2018
South Australia
Distance: 1.6km (1 mile)

This was my first walk in the Para Wirra Conversation Park. The Park takes less than half an hour to drive to from our house.

It’s a short walk, and part of the reason I chose to do this one was because we’d spent the previous night camping here with our teenage boys and didn’t want to push our luck trying to convince them to do a long walk with us! I was grateful that we got out for a walk together as a family. (Will write a post about our camping soon…)

The walk is through thick scrub. The trails are undulating and narrow, and the path is a little rocky, which made the walk more interesting than the mostly wider tracks I’d been doing through Anstey Hill Recreation Park. We were accompanied by bird sounds, some familiar and some unfamiliar, the whole way around. Before long we started to get glimpses through the trees of the hills on the other side of the valley. I wasn’t expecting these views, so I knew the walk was going to start getting interesting.

Undulating and rocky trail lizard rock loop para wirra conservation park
Undulating and rocky trail

And it didn’t disappoint. Soon we came across massive rocky outcrops that hung out over the edge of the hillside, and the views out over the valley were gorgeous. We were on the lookout for Lizard Rock the whole time and we eventually found it. It’s mostly covered up by plants but you can make out the shape of a lizard if you get into the right position. In the end my photo didn’t really do it justice – I didn’t want to risk my neck trying to get a better photo! Adelaide walkers – you will have to head out to the Park and see it in person 😉

It’s really tempting to climb up onto the rocks but there are sheer drops below many of them and I would be supervising children very closely up here. It is a good family walk, as long as you keep your children close.

Three quarters of the way around we crossed this little creek flowing down the hillside, which was really lovely.

Small creek Lizard Rock Loop Para Wirra Conservation
Small creek – flowing ever so gently down the hill. Love the reflections of the gum trees.

And that was it – we were back at the beginning of our start point.

This is a gem of a walk and I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking of heading out this way for some bushwalking. There is a fee per vehicle to enter this Park and you need to pay online – you can’t pay at the entrance. This walk was well signed and we started from the Gawler View barbeque and nature play area.

I’m looking forward to doing some more of the walks at this Park – they range from 1km in length to 10km and there are various difficulty levels as well. Now to convince some friends to come with me…


12 thoughts on “Lizard Rock Loop, Para Wirra Conservation Park

  1. Nice work … I’m told south Australia has some incredible walks … love the way you get down and understand the land … no photos do justice to natural beauty … like the way you record what you see … not try to make photos works of art … photos serve to revive our memories … keep writing and passing on information/thoughts … some people will never be able to make those walks … your words can make someone’s day special

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