Yellowtail Loop, Anstey Hill Recreation Park

Wide track going uphill Yellowtail Loop Anstey Hill

South Australia
July 2018
Distance: 7.5 Km (4.7 miles)

This was a beautiful early morning solo walk on the Anstey Hill Yellowtail Loop – the weather was gorgeous and the sun was shining through the mist.

I started from Gate 1 behind the Fox & Firkin pub, which is the most popular starting point for walkers in the Anstey Hill Recreation Park, and did the walk clockwise.

This walk consists of mostly wide tracks and there are plenty of ups and downs to keep it interesting and to work the glutes.

I used this walk as a bit of a test-run with videoing myself talking as I walked as well, which ended up looking pretty hilarious. Not so keen on such a close-up view of myself! As usual, there were quite a few people walking their dogs along the track. I was selfishly hoping my early start meant I would have more of the track to myself, however this wasn’t the case.

Halfway around, in the open area before approaching the Newman’s Nursery ruins, I came across a sea of beautiful white bulbs. They smelled lovely too.

On the final stage of the walk, as I was coming around the West side of the Park, there was a man trying to take photos of the city view whilst struggling to hold his dog at the same time. I offered to hold his dog so he could get a photo with a steady hand, however he was happy to keep trying on his own. I wonder whether he persisted or gave up. I hope he didn’t get too grumpy with his dog…his dog didn’t look like it was too interested in staying still anytime soon.

I also took some sound recordings for the first time using my phone – birds in trees, frogs croaking and the sound of the creek running. They came out surprisingly well and even now when I listen to them, they transport me back to that walk.

Yellowtail Loop Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Walking beside the creek, along the Water Gully track

I ended taking a lot of video footage on my phone, but when I watched it after I got home I felt it was just too shaky. Panning around came out okay, as long as I did it slowly, however recording the view in front as I walked wasn’t any good.

The Yellowtail Loop is a really great walk. It’s interesting and at 7.5km is a good distance to fit in for a bit of fitness or just to escape for a while. I thought I’d include the map as well, so you can get a sense of where this walk takes you through the park. I actually returned to this walk a month or so later and combined it with the Silver Mine Loop (in red) which gave me a great 10km walk.

The Yellowtail Loop is in yellow.

Map of Anstey Hill Recreation Park
Map of Anstey Hill Recreation Park (via National Parks South Australia website)

So lucky to have these walks on our doorstep here in Adelaide.


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