Photos – Kuitpo Forest Overnight Hike

South Australia

August 2018

Group hike Kuitpo Forest

Carpark Kuitpo Forest
Getting ready to start the hike

Kuitpo Forest hikeKuitpo Forest hike


Hiking Kuitpo Forest
None of us could resist posing for a photo in front of this gorgeous view

Trees Kuitpo Forest

Tents Kuitpo Forest
Tents set up and ready for the cold night ahead
Campfire and shelter Kuitpo Forest
Once it got dark and the temperate dropped even more, I didn’t want to leave the heavenly campfire!
Water Kuitpo Forest
We had a quick morning walk before packing up our tents and heading back on the trail on the 2nd day
Stiles Kuitpo Forest
Crossing over one of the stiles on the way back. The trail marker is for the Heysen Trail


5 thoughts on “Photos – Kuitpo Forest Overnight Hike

  1. Thanks for showing real Australians enjoying the out of doors. In the U.S., every nature program from your part of the world seems to include horrifying information on sharks, salt water crocs and poisonous snakes. I’m sure you’re prudent as hikers, but it’s so nice to see that hiking is still a pleasure in spite of a bit of risk!! Hike on!!

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    1. Yes we do have our fair share of nasties here in Australia but a bit of common sense goes a long way. Some of the snakes in South Australia are particularly deadly but it just means you dont go picking up logs or hiking in thick scrub on hot days 😀. I think Australians love to scare overseas visitors with stories of our deadly wildlife…we have a strange sense of humour!! Thanks so much for your comment.

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  2. This looks like such a lovely hike and camp setting for an adventurous exploration among friends. South Australia looks to be a great place to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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