Wednesday Loop, Anstey Hill Recreation Park

Wednesday Loop Anstey Hill Recreation Park

South Australia

April 2018

Distance:  3.7km (2.3 miles)

Well this walk was done on a 34 degree celsius (93 degrees fahrenheit) day, so really nothing to do with learning to love winter. A surprisingly warm stretch of weather popped up in Adelaide for 3 days straight in the beginning of April – warm enough to have to slap on the sunscreen and hat. Also warm enough to have to slow down rather than set a good pace. On the upside, I got to walk the Wednesday Loop of Anstey Hill Recreation Park with an awesome mum with whom I’d kind of lost contact with once our kids had started high school. So it ended up being a great walk and good for the soul.

The last time I walked here with hubby we were scratching our heads wondering why cars were passing us at the beginning of the track, then realised a second carpark had been added further up. The beginning of the track was also now bitumised. Parking in the second car-park only really shaves a couple of minutes off the walk, so it’s not a big deal where you park.

Plenty of other walkers were here and the first carpark was nearly full. So they probably had the same idea as us to get the walk done before the heat of the day hit.

Before we were even 5 minutes into our walk we came across a koala sitting on the ground under a big gum tree having a drink. He would have only been 8 metres away from us. It’s not unusual to see these guys so close to houses and roads here – especially because a lot of people leave out ice-cream containers full of water for them. As my friend pointed out, he really looked like he was in his own little world and deep in the middle of meditation. He certainly wasn’t phased by us but we left him in peace and set off on our way. (Later on I read that koalas sitting on the ground are often heat-stressed. So I was happy that water have been left out for him).

Walking up the first hill the track was wide and clear. The track then narrowed and was quite undulating, twisting and rocky in parts. I always expect to see a snake when I get out into bushwalks like this, and am inevitably always disappointed! The last time I saw a snake in its natural habitat was on my honeymoon 20 years ago in Tasmania when a snake slithered across the track in front of us, about a metre away.

Wednesday Loop Anstey Hill Recreation Park
The track quickly becomes rocky and winds it way through thick scrub. Unfortunately no snakes.


Once we were about ¾ of the way around we stopped to take in the beautiful view. We were standing close to a big drop – to one side you can see the city and to the other you get a gorgeous view of another hill and down towards more walking tracks. Not sure how I would feel up here with small children though. Come to think of it…not sure how I would feel with my bigger kids up here either 🙂

Wednesday Loop, Anstey Hill Recreation Park, South Australia
Love the view from up here

There were plenty of Superb Fairy-wrens fluttering about and I did see something else heading up the side of the hill, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Maybe a rabbit?

Before we knew it – and in less than an hour – we found ourselves back down on the bitumised road heading back to our cars. Our pace had been pretty slow so I would say it could be done easily in 40 minutes or less.

Looking forward to bringing a camera up here next time rather than just my phone. The views are just gorgeous and it makes you appreciate having this literally a 5 minute drive away.  (Note: Yes! Have since taken more photos – find them here).

Overall thoughts:
“A relatively easy, interesting walk close to the north-eastern Adelaide suburbs. Varied terrain, great views”

Happy walking…


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